Thank you to all our   and Duck Adopters!!  You helped    the Plainfield Rotary Club continue to change lives!!!

If you see your name below Congratulations you will be Racing in the "Race of Champions".  If you don't. Please Adopt another Duck and try again! Top 3 Ducks from each race are entered into the Race.

Race 1  (9/24)  Winners are:

#20  1st $500: Kathy D     #10  2nd: Harry B      #64  3rd: Michelle S

Race 2   (10/22)  Winners are:

#16  1st $500: Tracey N     #89  2nd: Kathy D      #81  3rd: Jose M

Race 3   (11/19)  Winners are:

#16  1st $500: Happy F    #89  2nd:  Keith B.     #81  3rd: Nancy B.

Race 4   (12/17)  Winners are:

#69  1st $500: Ken K .   #77  2nd:  Linda B.     #52  3rd: Jim S.

Race 5   (1/28)  Winners are:

#36  1st $500: Jennifer E .   #51  2nd:  Lisa G.     #45  3rd: Jim S.

Race 6   (2/25)  Winners are:

#40  1st $500: Jerry W.   #44  2nd:  Jerry W.     #80  3rd: Bill C.

Race 7   (3/18)  Winners are:

#4 1st: Tracey N.   #8 2nd:  Keith B.    #3  3rd: Michelle S.

And the 2019  Winners are:

1370  1st $2500: Pamela O'Brien

1825  2nd $1000: Kelly DeLaFuente

789    3rd $500: Pat O'Donnell

1494   4th $100: Kashif Awaw

1740  5th $100: Mary Ann Egger

246    6th $100: Jim Servantez

885   7th $100: Carmen Tetik

2169  8th $100: Lori Langhamer

777   9th $50 Craft'D gift card: Mayra Ibarra

1555  10th $50 Craft'D gift card: Natalie Wold

1875  11th $15 Blueberry Hill gift card: Carol Urbanski

19      12th $15 Blueberry Hill gift card: Jo Anne Smart

987    13th $10 Soap Opera Laundry gift card: Chuck Balogh

700    14th $10 Soap Opera Laundry gift card: Jim Beck

1001   15th $10 Soap Opera Laundry gift card: Georgene Dernulc

839     16th $10 Soap Opera Laundry gift card: Madeleine Belsha

840     17th $10 Soap Opera Laundry gift card: Emilia Belsha

1290    LAST DUCK $100 Mark Peters gift card: Suzanne DeWolf

If you adopted a winning duck and have not been contacted by Rotary, you will be shortly.

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make our duck race a success!

A HUGE Thank You to the Plainfield Fire and Police Department for making sure everyone was safe and assisting in running the race without the river. 

We really appreciate everything you do for the Plainfield Community.

Your contributions helped support the Plainfield Rotary Club's upcoming community projects and the scholarship program.

We would like to thank the Riverfront Foundation for their help in making our event a success. We would also like to thank the Village of Plainfield for the use of the bridge.

Thank you to all who volunteered for Rotary throughout the weekend. 

Help Rotary Continue to Changes Lives in and around Plainfield!!