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Thank you to all our   Sponsors    and Duck Adopters!!  You helped    the Plainfield Rotary Club continue to change lives!!!

And the 2023    Winners are:

2528  1st $1500: Kim C 

1569  2nd $1000: Jake W 

2118   3rd $500: Miller

2265  4th $100: Jennifer S

3065  5th $100: Kandi H

852  6th $100: Stevee M

2031 7th $100: Kathy D

22    8th $100: Steve H 

452  9th Prize: Sue B

1610  10th Prize: Matthew W

2443 11th Prize: Carol E

504  12th Prize: Michelle S

2597   13th Prize: Kara D

1279  14th Prize: Julia G

2520 15th Prize: Soap Opera

1161 16th Prize: James M

2699   LAST DUCK: Gus R

If you adopted a winning duck and have not been contacted by Rotary, you will be shortly.

Thank you to all our Duck Adopters that SOLD OUT our 2021, 2022 and 2023 Races!!

Thank you to everyone who came out and helped make our duck race a success!

Thank You to the Plainfield Fire and Police Department for making sure everyone was safe. We really appreciate everything you do for the Plainfield Community.

Your contributions helped support the Plainfield Rotary Club's upcoming community projects and the scholarship program.

We would like to thank the Riverfront Foundation for their help in making our event a success. We would also like to thank the Village of Plainfield for the use of the bridge.

Thank you to all who volunteered for Rotary throughout the weekend. 

2020 Virtual Race Results

Race 1  (9/24)  Winners are:

#20  1st $500: Kathy D     #10  2nd: Harry B      #64  3rd: Michelle S

Race 2   (10/22)  Winners are:

#16  1st $500: Tracey N     #89  2nd: Kathy D      #81  3rd: Jose M

Race 3   (11/19)  Winners are:

#16  1st $500: Happy F    #89  2nd:  Keith B.     #81  3rd: Nancy B.

Race 4   (12/17)  Winners are:

#69  1st $500: Ken K .   #77  2nd:  Linda B.     #52  3rd: Jim S.

Race 5   (1/28)  Winners are:

#36  1st $500: Jennifer E .   #51  2nd:  Lisa G.     #45  3rd: Jim S.

Race 6   (2/25)  Winners are:

#40  1st $500: Jerry W.   #44  2nd:  Jerry W.     #80  3rd: Bill C.

Race 7   (3/18)  Winners are:

#4 1st: Tracey N.   #8 2nd:  Keith B.    #3  3rd: Michelle S.

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