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The Rules

1. Everyone who “adopts” a duck must have fun and NO WHINING is allowed.
2. The Plainfield Rotary Club will be known as “the organizer”, “the club” or “PRC” from now on the list of rules.
3. A minimum of 3500 “ducks” will be put into the DuPage River at the Lockport Street bridge on Sunday, July 21, 2024 at approximately 2:32 p.m.
4. The race course will be established by the members of the “PRC”.
5. Once the ducks are “swimming” no one is allowed to interfere with any of the ducks.
6. Only “PRC” Race Officials will have the right to move/redirect ducks during the race if they see fit.
7. All of the race ducks will be provided by and remain the property of the “PRC”.
8. All ducks will have a number that corresponds to a number on a adoption ticket. The persons name on that ticket will be awarded the appropriate prize.
9. Positive identification will be required to claim a prize and a completed W9 will be required for any cash prize exceeding $599. 
10. A list of winners will be posted onsite and at as soon a possible after the race.
11. Adoption tickets must be completely filled out, paid for and be in the possession of the “PRC” before the race starts.

If payment is made by a credit card, it is purchasers responsibility to provide accurate information to enable the credit card to be processed and in the event the credit card is not processed, the purchaser is ineligible to receive any prizes.
12. The “PRC” will have the right to substitute any of the prizes if needed. 
13. The “PRC” will attempt to notify all winners according to the information provided on the adoption tickets. Participants may also check winning ducks on It is the ultimate responsibility of race winners to check the race results.
14. The winners will have 30 days to claim their prize or the “PRC” will select another winner thru a random drawing of the remaining adoption papers.
15. No cash equivalent prizes will be given in lieu of the designated prize.
16. The “PRC” reserves the right to substitute prizes of comparable value. The prize list is subject to change prior to race event.
17. All taxes, fees and registration of the prizes are the responsibility of the winner.
18. The “PRC” is not responsible for any actions, disputes or any personal issues of any winner.
19. All entrants release Rotary International, Rotary International District 6450 Inc, the Plainfield Rotary Club, the officers, board member and all members of any part of the Rotary organization including any family or friends of any Rotarian who may have helped in any way with this event, from any and all liabilities.
20. All entrants consent to the promotional use of their names, likenesses and also the use of picture for promotional purposes without any additional compensation. Entrants that provide e-mail address consent to be contacted in the future by "PRC" via e-mail.
21. The use of these funds are at the sole discretion of the “PRC” but will not be used for any non reimbursable expense to any member of the “PRC”.
22. Chances of winning will be determined by the total number of entrants.
23. This event is subject to all local state and federal law and any regulations and is void when prohibited by law.
24. All decisions and interpretations of rules regulations or action will be made by the “PRC” and it’s judgment will be final.
25. All logos, ideas and names are registered trademarks of the “PRC” or its sponsors and cannot be used copied or borrowed.

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